Pastor Profile

Pastoral Profile for Foundery Free Methodist Church
Foundery Free Methodist Church is looking for a new lead pastor to help the congregation move forward in reaching their community with the life changing message of Jesus Christ. The church has witnessed 70 people come to faith in 2023. Their mission is “to be a community of believers pursuing God together and desiring to see Heaven on Earth in our daily lives through Love, Word, and Spirit of God.” A leader who can work with the congregation to fulfill their mission is needed. The new lead pastor is to be someone with pastoral leadership experience and skills to lead a healthy congregation in Wellsburg, WV. The church has … full time staff and… part time staff. This position is open until the best candidate is found.
About Wellsburg
Wellsburg, WV lies to the west of Pittsburg, PA between Pennsylvania and Ohio. It is the Brooke County seat with a population of 22,500. The area is made up of mostly industrial and manufacturing companies.
The Next Pastoral Leader
The church is looking for a pastoral leader who is called to reach the community of Wellsburg. The preferred candidate should be a biblical based preacher. A person who knows how to walk with the Holy Spirit and help others do so as well. One who sees the church as a family of God and wants to welcome new people in. The next pastoral leader desired is one who can be a relationship builder across generational lines. A person who can work with a staff team to set vision and direction for the ministries of the church. Here are some key qualities the church is looking for in their next pastoral leader.
  • Relational in approach
  • Biblical teacher and preacher
  • Relates to people of all ages
  • Passionate about reaching people for Christ
  • Listens to the Holy Spirit and a discerning leader
  • Collaborative and humble
  • Leader and vision caster
  • Has a shepherd’s heart
  • Loving, welcoming, and authentic

If interested, please send resume and cover letter to our superintendent, Matt Poole, at . Thank you for considering this a part of your call to ministry.