September 17, 2022

Empowered For Mission

Before Jesus ascended into Heaven, He told His disciples to wait until they had been “clothed with power from on high” (Luke 24:49). Jesus expected that if we were truly going to do the ministry He did, we would need to do it alongside the Holy Spirit. Yet so many of us today tend to do ministry out of our own spirit and strength, causing the church to be something less miraculous than what Jesus envisioned.

On September 17, 2022, Reveal Wellsburg points us back to the Spirit. The whole church has been empowered for mission and so every Christian must have their gifts revealed to them so that they can cooperate in that mission. The best way to get started in finding your spiritual gifting is to first understand what exactly spiritual gifts are from a Biblical and experiential perspective—for some have gifts that they’re unaware of simply because no one has taught them how they work. Follow one of our three tracks to learn more about the gifting of your choice as we worship, pray, and learn together at Reveal Wellsburg.



Join us for a time of worship through music and for an opening message on how the spiritual gift of tongues points us towards mission as a church.

10:30 | BREAKOUT 1
Healing Track: Teaching on the spiritual gift of healing.

Prophetic Track: A theological basis for the gift of prophecy.

Leadership Track:  Teaching on miracles.

12:00 | LUNCH
Join us for lunch, which is covered in your registration fee. Vendors will be open during this time as well, so feel free to stop by their tables.

Worship and the Word with Pastor Olivia Wilkerson-Jones.

2:15 | BREAKOUT 2
Healing Track: Teaching on how to lead people through inner-healing.

Prophetic Track: Teach on receiving and speaking words of knowledge.

Leadership Track: Teaching on different factors that can be helpful in discerning the source of a spiritual manifestation or word.

3:30 | BREAKOUT 3
Healing Track: Teaching on deliverance and spiritual warfare.

Prophetic Track: Teaching on dreams and visions.

Leadership Track: Teaching and Training on Evangelism and Personal Evangelism.

5:00 | DINNER
Dinner is also included in your registration fee.

Pastor Jamin brings the night to a close as he speaks on living the empowered life. After his message, we will enter into an extended time of worship through music while our prayer team prays for impartation, healing, and wherever else the Spirit leads.

9:00 | END
Thanks for joining us for Reveal Wellsburg! Have a safe trip home!

Meet the Speakers.

Jamin Bradley

Jamin has been the lead pastor at 1208 Greenwood for 11 years. He has written 8 books, released several hours of music, and has helped launch unique expressions of the church here in Jackson, including Dinner Church, Nerd Church, and an online church. As an activist he has chaired, founded, and served in several different coalitions and organizations around Jackson, especially ones that look to help the poor and those dealing with addiction. He blogs and podcasts regularly at

Olivia Wilkerson-Jones

Apostle & Pastor
Apostle Libby is married to Rev. Charles Jones. She was commissioned by God in 1994, and later attended Bible Seminary School in Mississippi. She received her Minister's License in 1994, and has been licensed as Sheriff Chaplin since 1999. In 2003, her and Charles co-pastored True Vine Ministries in Jackson, MS. In February 2005, they were called back to Pennsylvania to pastor Fortress for Christ Ministries. She is also affiliated with End Time in the Upper Room Ministries in Jackson, MS, and is licensed under Zion International Ministries, Inc. Life Apostolic Association of Churches.

Libby has been instrumental with developing and implementing prison ministries, leadership counseling, outreach programs and ministries, tent revivals, and more throughout Mississippi, Louisiana, North Carolina, Texas, and Pennsylvania. She operates in the five-fold ministry, and has been used mightily in healing and deliverance ministry.

Libby has a strong love for God and His people, and has a vision to see people delivered and set free.

Amy Openbrier

Amy graduated from the University of Valley Forge with a B.A. in Children’s Ministry and is a licensed pastor through the Assemblies of God.  She is called to teach, preach, equip and train people to live in fullness and wholeness through the love of God, grace of Jesus and fellowship with Holy Spirit.  She is passionate about the Word of God and seeing people, of all ages, live and walk in their identity as sons & daughters of God.

Steven Hlatky

Steven is the Lead Pastor at The Foundery Church. His encounter with the Holy Spirit in his teenage years pushed him to search for and recognize Holy Spirit’s workings in his life and those around him. With a heartbeat for missions, leadership development, and preaching the Word of God, Steven is sure to always commit his work to be influenced and empowered by Holy Spirit.

He believes there is a (w)holistic approach to the ministry we do for the Kingdom of God. One of his favorite ways to end his prayers is: “Lord, may everyone we encounter, encounter you because of our encounter with You.”